17 Things Perfectly Lonely People Always Love

It’s OK to be a little lonely, as long as you’re happy!

1. Canceling plans.

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2. Spending a whole day not talking to anyone.

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3. Going to see a movie by yourself.

Michael Jackson/ George Folsey Jr. / Via gif-database.tumblr.com

4. Listening to music and people-watching, pretending everyone is in a music video.

5. Taking yourself out to dinner.

American Zoetrope / Via thegoodfilms.com

If it makes you feel weird, bring a book.

6. Not checking your phone for a longer-than-appropriate time.

7. Leaving a party right before it gets too crowded.

Showtime / Via giphy.com

8. Only socializing when you feel like it.

9. Getting lost in your own thoughts.

10. Feeling sad but being OK with it. It’s like a happy sad.

11. Enjoying silence.

20th Century Fox / Via s730.photobucket.com

12. Not having visitors over.

13. Or when you do have visitors over and they leave a few minutes early.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via theteenagegentleman.tumblr.com

14. Spending a healthy amount of time in a vividly constructed fantasy version of your own life.

15. Sitting in the window seat at restaurants and cafes.

Hello, world.

16. Riding alone on trains.

Studio Ghibli / Via giphy.com

What is it about trains though?

17. And fully appreciating the joys of being just a little bit, purposefully, perfectly lonely.

NBC Universal Television / Via thelilliumcandidum.wordpress.com

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