How To Have The Ultimate “Doctor Who” Wedding Experience

For someone who loves you to the end of time and space.

kevron2001/ Alexis Nedd / Via Thinkstock

2. The setup:

Travis Patteron/

Travis Patterson/


It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a TARDIS out on the hillside and some creative costuming.

3. The engagement ring:

etsy / Via

These rings are called “The Sonic Solitaire” and are designed to look like the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. They don’t do wood.

4. And the perfect ring box:

etsy / Via

The LED on this TARDIS box lights up when it’s opened.

kevron2001/ Alexis Nedd / Via Thinkstock

6. Save the date:

etsy / Via

These TARDIS blue “save the date” cards are printable PDFs that you can make yourself or send to a print shop.

7. Matching invitations are a must.

etsy / Via

This design includes inserts for the RSVP card and directions (so no one ends up on the wrong planet on their way to Gallifrey).

8. This version includes thank you cards:

etsy / Via

The background text is also customizable.

kevron2001/ Alexis Nedd / Via Thinkstock

10. The bouquet:




This paper bouquet incorporates pages from Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time and has a sonic screwdriver handle. Don’t forget the paper boutonnière for the groom!

11. The wedding bands:

etsy / Via

Get your partner’s name engraved in Gallifreyan for your Doctor Who “I Do.”

12. The ring pillow:

etsy / Via

Bonus points if your ring bearer dresses up like a tiny Doctor.

13. For Something Blue:

etsy / Via

Also doubles as something new!

14. Some dress ideas:


Amy’s dress is by designer Ben de Lisi and Donna’s is by Jasper Conran.

15. The bridesmaids’ dresses:

Adrianna Papell/

Adrianna Papell/


Bridesmaids in sparkly midnight blue will be the night sky to your bright, white star.

16. The groom’s bow tie:

Thinkgeek / Via

“Bow ties are cool.”

17. Add a pair of Gallifreyan cufflinks:

etsy / Via

You’ll be as dapper as the Doctor ever was.

kevron2001/ Alexis Nedd / Via Thinkstock

19. The venue:

Ingram Publishing / Via Shutterstock

What could be more Doctor Who than having your party in a planetarium?

20. The centerpieces:




Any floral arrangement becomes festive when you set it in a TARDIS vase and add some blue feathers!

21. The guestbook:

etsy / Via

So you can make sure the Raggedy Man didn’t miss your wedding.

22. A poster for your guests to sign:

etsy / Via

The poster will make a great art piece for any couple’s new home.

23. Champagne flutes with your names in Circular Gallifreyan:

etsy / Via

Feel free to toast in Gallifreyan as well.

24. A little blue trim keeps your cake in theme:

25. This customizable cake topper:

Thinkstock / Via

The Doctor topper looks like he’s been experimenting with backcombing.

26. Or these Dalek toppers.


27. Snag this package deal:

etsy / Via

“I love you with both of my hearts.”

28. And last but not least, party favors!

etsy / Via

The key to the TARDIS (and to opening bottles).

29. Remember to party hard and don’t let the Eleventh Doctor out-dance you at your own wedding!


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