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    Turns Out No One Knows The Words To "Waterfalls"

    Just stick to the Richards and the Blakes that you're used to.

    First things first: press play on this and let the smooth stylings on 90s R&B girl band TLC soothe your troubled soul.

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    1. Now just remember...

    For years I thought this song said Don't Go, Jason Waterfalls

    2. that pretty much everyone...

    That famous TLC song, 'Jason Waterfalls'.

    3. got the words to this song wrong.

    Don't go Jason Waterfalls 🎧💕

    4. This guy is right. It's "don't go chasing waterfalls."

    When I was little and would listen to "Waterfalls" by TLC, I would sing "don't go Jason Waterfalls" instead of "chasing waterfalls"... 😏

    5. But if you heard "Jason" you're not alone.

    6. Jason Waterfalls was a mystery to everyone.

    Some guy at work just said "I used to think it was "Dont go Jason Waterfalls" I'd always be like who the FUCK is Jason Waterfalls!"

    7. Who IS he?

    8. Where did he come from?

    But who is Jason Waterfalls? @jillian0617

    9. What did he ever do to TLC?

    Who is Jason Waterfalls and why don't we want him to go?

    10. Was he personally involved with the band?

    Was it Tboz, Chili, or Left Eye that couldn't stand to see Jason Waterfalls go?

    11. We'll never know.

    🎵 Don't go, Jason Waterfalls... 🎵

    12. If you're one of the many who heard "Jason Waterfalls," you may also be someone who heard "go go" instead of "don't go."

    Dear TLC I used to sing it "go go Jason waterfalls" sorry

    13. Go, Jason, Go!

    14. But where is Jason going?

    15. If TLC is telling Jason to "go go," that's literally the opposite of telling him "don't go."

    If you didn't think TLC said "Go Go Jason Waterfalls" Your a fucking lier

    16. So what is the truth?

    17. (The truth is that it was and remains to this day, "don't go chasing waterfalls," but we digress)

    when i first heard tlc's "waterfalls" i thought the lyrics were "go go jason waterfalls" and i was like ????

    18. Some people are shocked to learn the truth.

    Awkward moment when you find out TLC said, "Don't go chasin' waterfalls," not "Go, go Jason waterfalls." 😶

    19. Some people still don't know.

    Don't go Jason Waterfalls, love that song

    20. Either way it's OK. What matters is that if you heard "Jason Waterfalls," you're not alone. Promise.

    I am probably the ONLY person who hardcore mondegreens "Chasing Waterfalls" by TLC as "don't go Jason Waterfalls" #misheardlyrics

    Have a good one.