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13 Struggles All Overly Self-Conscious People Understand

We got a big ol' slice of humble pie.

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1. You don't believe any of the compliments people give you.

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2. You can't tell when people are flirting with you because you assume nobody wants to.

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3. And online dating isn't any easier because you tend to undersell yourself.

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4. People often miss what you say because you never want to repeat yourself.

Roger Birnbaum Productions / Via

"Oh, nothing. It wasn't important."

5. You secretly think you're pretty awesome but are too modest to let yourself ~shine~

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Because that would be arrogant, right? Right?

6. You both admire and are intensely irritated by overconfident people.


How do you do it?

7. You have a weird sense of pride about letting people walk all over you.

20th Century Fox / Via


8. Maybe because you realize that being passive aggressive is more fun than getting in someone's face.

Broadway Video / Via

Fight smarter, not louder.

9. You only ever go out if you are explicitly invited, none of this "we're all going" business.

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What if "we" means "all of us except for you?"

10. People think you're uppity because you don't want to talk, but you really just want to be spoken to first.

11. All of your humor is self-deprecating, which would be funnier if you didn't low-key believe what you say.


"I suck lol."


12. Going to a party by yourself is out of the question because you fear introducing yourself to strangers.

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13. And at the end of the day, you'd rather be understated and humble than be the center of attention. And that's OK.

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