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Definitive Proof That Tom Holland Was Born To Play Spider-Man

No really, he's literally Peter Parker.

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So Tom Holland is playing Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe reboot of Spider-Man.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

This was a good casting decision on Marvel's part, considering that Holland is literally, not figuratively, Spider-Man.

And he has been ever since he was a wee lad.

Only someone with real Spidey Sense could possibly do this trick.

Remember this move from every single Spider-Man movie ever? He nailed it years ago.

This guy spends more time upside down than he does right side up!

Get your lipstick ready, Mary Jane.

And his aesthetic is CLEARLY "Peter Parker c. 2015."

(As well as "Peter Parker c. Spider-Man 3 when he goes through his emo, dancey phase.")

It even appears that in this photo, Tom is perfecting his Uncle Ben impression.

But the most solid proof of all? This photo of the dashboard of Tom Holland's car, taken a year and a half ago.


It looks like dreams really do come true. Welcome to the Marvel family, Pete– I MEAN TOM!

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