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Look, All We Want From "Gotham" Season 2 Is More Zsasz

Creepy Gun Prince. Captain Shoot Shoot. Cinnamon Roll of Death + Friends.

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The Gotham panel at San Diego Comic-Con introduced fans to the new season's focus: Rise of the Villains. It's pretty awesome.

Fox / Via Twitter: @Gotham

But while we're getting geared up for Mr. Freeze, Tigress, the Joker, Azrael, and more of Batman's famous rogues, let's not forget who we really, really miss from Season 1: Victor motherfrickin' Zsasz and his fly-ass Zsaszettes.

Jessica Miglio / FOX/ BuzzFeed / Via

The last time we thought about Vicky and his Zsasz Band, we were wondering where the heck they were during the Season 1 finale.

No really.


Inopportune vacation days aside, Tumblr is adamant about getting Victor's murder squad back on the streets of Gotham City in any capacity.

Because the Zsasz girls are still a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

That's enigma, not E. Nygma...

And Gotham City's fashion quota can't be filled without Victor and his henchwomen strutting down dimly lit hallways in head-to-toe Balmain. It just can't.

Will we ever hear his ringtone again? Has he changed it?


Too many bat-questions, not enough bat-answers. So let's just work this all out with more Victor and Zsaszettes in Season 2.

You wouldn't want to let this guy down, would you?

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