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21 Reasons Soup Is The Best Food Ever Invented

Soup-lovers of the world, unite.

1. Soup maximizes the flavor-to-effort ratio by being a tasty dinner you can DRINK LIKE A BEVERAGE.

Fuse / Getty Images

2. The salty, steamy smell of hot broth is what heaven probably smells like.

Campbell's Soup Co. / Via

3. Slurping soup from a spoon makes a fun noise.

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images

4. You can always tell when someone is making soup because the soup smell fills the house with the scent of simmering plenty.

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5. When you're full of soup, your belly feels nice and warm for a little while afterward. It's like the soup loves you back.

6. When soup is too hot, you can blow on each spoonful to make each bite cool instead of waiting for the whole dang thing to reach a comfortable temperature. That's convenience.

Rez-art / Getty Images

7. Soup can make you feel better when you're sick.

Disney / Via

8. No really, the steam from smelling a bowl of soup can help clear your sinuses!

-elzbietaszulmajer / Getty Images

9. Science even suggests a connection between eating chicken noodle soup and recovering from the common cold.

Chiya Li / Getty Images

10. Soup is also easy to make, whether you're just opening a can and heating it up...

Lynn Bendickson / Getty Images

11. Or making a big pot of homemade soup from scratch.

Chiya Li / Getty Images

12. You can put pretty much anything in a soup. If you like it, you can throw it in there.

Studio Ghibli / Via

13. You like onions? Make french onion soup. Seafood? Throw some mussels in there. Chorizo? Bam! You've got it buddy.

Noel Hendrickson / Getty Images

14. Soup is also the perfect food because there's a soup for all seasons.

15. Are you sweating in the heat of summer? Enjoy a chilled soup like gazpacho!

Vaivirga / Getty Images

16. Want something springy and delicious? Something light and lemony will hit the spot perfectly.

Cosa4 / Getty Images

17. Autumn has a pretty strong soup game, with creamy butternutsquash soup leading the roster.

Louno_m / Getty Images

18. And of course in winter, any soup goes. Any soup at all!

Campbell's Soup Co. / Via

19. Soup doesn't mind sharing the spotlight with other foods. It's not selfish like that. What would tomato soup be without a grilled cheese on the side?

20. Or a clam chowder without a little packet of crunchy oyster crackers? It wouldn't be the same!

Bwfolsom / Getty Images

21. So come together, soup-lovers of the world, and proclaim your love for the best food ever! Soup, glorious soup!

Studio Ghibli / Via

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