23 Awkward Situations That Inevitably Happen During College Orientation Week

Welcome to college, prepare to be humiliated!

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1. When your parents make friends with another set of parents and insist you spend the first night going out to dinner with them.

4. When seven different people on your floor unpack their guitars and start playing with their doors open.

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Anyway here's "Wonderwall,"...and "Good Riddance," and "Smoke on the Water," and "Seven Nation Army."

7. Or when you can't think of an interesting fact and end up revealing something really private about yourself during the icebreakers.

16. When you fake a little bit of your backstory to sound more interesting but the story gets around so now you're stuck with it.

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On your wedding day you're going to be like "sweetie I have something to tell you...I can't really juggle."

17. When you honestly feel so attacked by the overzealous students at the activities fair so you sign up for 800 clubs, most of which you have no interest in.

19. When night falls and all of a sudden everyone panics because they don't know what to do with their freedom.

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Are we going to a frat? Are we just hanging out? Are we playing Super Smash Bros.? This decision will affect your whole life.

22. When the folks in charge encourage you to sing the fight song/alma mater en masse and like, you want to but you're afraid it will make you look dumb.

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And when you do sing it, you don't know the words so you end up looking dumb anyway.

23. And when the people who have witnessed all of this awkwardness end up becoming your best friends for the next four years and never let you live any of it down.