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A Gentle Reminder That "The Prince Of Egypt" Is The Best Animated Musical Of All Time


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The music includes some of the most beautiful songs ever gifted to humanity by the music gods, and includes songs like "Through Heaven's Eyes" and "When You Believe."

"When You Believe," by Stephen Schwartz and Babyface, won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. Because mediocrity is for suckers.

The Prince of Egypt tells the story of Moses, which is part of a compilation of short stories that make up the best-selling book on planet Earth.

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"The book is so much better than the movie." —priests, probably

The voice cast includes Helen Mirren, Ralph Fiennes, Danny Glover, Sandra Bullock, Michelle Pfeiffer — takes a deep breath — Steve Martin, Patrick Stewart, Martin Short, Jeff Goldblum, and Val Kilmer in a double role as Moses and also GOD.

Are you kidding me?


The animators were not even close to messing around when it came to making this movie. LOOK AT THIS SHOT. LOOK AT IT.

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You didn't even think it was possible to make a building-sized shark look even cooler than usual, did you?

And the reason it looks so cool is because they weaved more than 1,180 computer-generated special effects sequences into their traditional animation.

At what other point in your life do you get to say the phrase "CGI hieroglyphic combo flashback-chase sequence"?