20 TV Shows That Need To Be On DVD ASAP

We just want to binge watch the shows of our youth!

1. Peter Pan and the Pirates

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With Black Sails on Starz and Crossbones coming to NBC, why not jump on the pirates bandwagon with the release of this box set?

2. Muppet Babies

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Now that Disney owns Star Wars and Indiana Jones, maybe they can get the wheels in motion of putting this amazing children’s series on DVD.

3. The Smoggies

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This 1988 series followed the Suntots who always tried to stop the Smoggies from polluting the ocean and the island and stealing their magic coral.

4. Sharky & George

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Who wouldn’t want to relive this 1988 treasure about two fish detectives solving crimes in Seacago?

5. Ovide and the Gang

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This 1987 animated series followed the adventures of Ovide, a duck-billed platypus, and his friends as they tried to stay out of trouble hurled their way by Cy, a python, and Bobo, a toucan. Did I mention Ovide carried around a briefcase with a portable TV in it?

6. Breaker High

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The always hilarious Tyler Labine? Check. A young, topless Ryan Gosling? Check. High school on a boat? Check. Honestly, what else to you need?

7. Student Bodies

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I was never apart of the school newspaper in high school, but I assumed Student Bodies was an accurate depiction of what it was like.

8. Hang Time

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Getting a chance to relive watching Daniella Deutscher and Jay Hernandez fall in love on- and off-screen is a no-brainer for me.

9. City Guys

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This was considered the more “urban” Saved by the Bell. Sure, it didn’t have a Slater or Zack Morris, but it had Scott Whyte. He played Gunnar Stahl in D2: The Mighty Ducks.

10. Living Single

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After putting out three rap albums, Queen Latifah turned to TV and was doling out the laughs on Living Single for five seasons. And yes, that is Queen Latifah performing the intro.

11. New York Undercover

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Talk about a great cast! A former Michael Jackson dancer (Michael DeLorenzo), a member of Jamaica’s 1988 Olympic bobsled team (Malik Yoba), a pre-Dexter Lauren Vélez and a cul-de-sac crew member (Josh Hopkins). I miss this show dearly.

12. Sweet Valley High

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When Full House came off the air in 1995, the world needed a new set of twins on their TV screen. Enter Jess & Liz Wakefield. Played by Brittany & Cynthia Daniel, we got four seasons of these girls navigating high school and boys.

13. Sister, Sister

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In 1994, ABC gave us Tia and Tamara, twins separated at birth, who have a chance encounter at a clothing store. The two decided that their families should move in together and get to know one another. And before you say it, yes it does sound like the plot to The Parent Trap.

14. Smart Guy

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Michelle Tanner’s BFF Teddy had his own show 1997. Tahj Mowry (kid brother to Tia and Tamara) played T.J. Henderson, a 10-year-old who gets transferred to high school because of his high IQ. You can catch Tahj continuing to be funny on ABC Family’s hit comedy Baby Daddy.

15. The Secret World of Alex Mack

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Before she was Ken Cosgrove’s wife on Mad Men and Ezra Fitz’s ex-girlfriend on Pretty Little Liars, Larisa Oleynik was everyone’s favourite 15-year-old who got covered in GC-161 giving her awesome powers… like morphing into liquid.

16. Ready or Not

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In 1993, the world was introduced to besties Busy Ramone and Amanda Zimm. Every girl related to both of them (I was Busy) and wished they had a friendship like theirs.

17. Clueless

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After the success of the movie, Clueless was brought to the small screen in 1996 with half the cast (Elisa Donovan, Donald Faison, Stacey Dash) reprising their roles. I need to add this to my collection so I can watch it sporadically.

18. California Dreams

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A group of kids forming a band in high school with the hopes of making it? Either you were one of those kids or knew someone who was. This 1992 teen drama showed the struggles of dealing with band drama and high school relationships.

19. Flash Forward

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Aw look! A young Ben Foster and Jewel Staite. This Disney show only lasted one season in 1996 and I was absolutely gutted when it was canceled.

20. Samurai Pizza Cats

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Cats who love pizza, who know martial arts and their nemesis is named Big Cheese?!?! How could you not want to watch this short-lived series over and over again?

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