Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper Is Running For President

Hickenlooper, who was governor for eight years, has kept busy recently in the 2020 early voting states.

Alexis Levinson • 15 days ago

Who Is Tulsi Gabbard? She Doesn't Like What You've Probably Heard

On her first trip to Iowa, the Hawaii lawmaker did all the normal things before friendly crowds — answered questions, shook hands, posed for photos — but the first month of Gabbard’s campaign has hardly been normal.

Alexis Levinson • One month ago

Howard Schultz’s Pitch To Fix America Is A Lot Like His Pitch To Fix The NBA. That Resulted In A Disaster.

The last time Schultz took a big step outside of Starbucks, he bought the Seattle SuperSonics. Just a few years later, the NBA team was sold and moved to Oklahoma.

Alexis Levinson • One month ago

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Will Not Run For President

The Los Angeles mayor, who has traveled ahead of a potential run, said Tuesday night that he wants to stay in his current job.

Alexis Levinson • One month ago

Howard Schultz Is Floating A “Centrist Independent” Run For President And Doesn’t Care If You Think He’d Be A Spoiler

The former Starbucks CEO said in New York that he no longer feels like a Democrat, as Democrats reacted with some agita about his potential role as a 2020 spoiler.

Alexis Levinson • One month ago

Tulsi Gabbard’s Team Is Talking To LGBT Groups About Her Past Anti-Gay Comments

Gabbard’s minimal public engagement with the controversy since saying she would run for president has left some Democrats baffled.

Alexis Levinson • 2 months ago

Israel Will Be The Great Foreign Policy Debate Of The Democratic Primary

“I actually don’t know how it’s gonna go. What I do know is we’re gonna have a debate.”

Emily Tamkin • 2 months ago

Tulsi Gabbard Said She Has Decided To Run For President

The Hawaii Democrat will be one of the youngest candidates in what could be a large 2020 primary field.

Alexis Levinson • 2 months ago

Tulsi Gabbard Is Moving Toward An Unconventional Presidential Campaign. Her Fans See “Bernie 2.0.”

The Hawaii Democrat, who has bucked her party in Congress, may make an announcement about her 2020 decision as soon as this week.

Alexis Levinson • 3 months ago

National Republicans Are Staying Quiet About An Election Fraud Investigation Over A House Seat They Thought They’d Won

National Republicans are for now taking a wait-and-see approach to the investigation into an absentee ballot operation in North Carolina’s 9th District.

Alexis Levinson • 3 months ago

Cindy Hyde-Smith Won Mississippi’s Senate Election, After Race Dominated The Final Weeks

The Republican's win isn't a shock, but it is notable after the contest became mired in Mississippi's ugly racial history.

Alexis Levinson • 3 months ago

A Dead Pimp Just Won An Election In Nevada

Dennis Hof, who called himself the “Trump of Pahrump,” was found dead the morning after his birthday party on Oct. 15 by porn star Ron Jeremy, a close friend.

Alexis Levinson • 4 months ago

Donald Trump Can’t Escape Republicans’ House Defeat, Even As He Calls The Election Results A “Success”

Republicans had a good night in the Senate. But Trump can’t deflect blame for the losses in the House.

Tarini Parti • 4 months ago

Michael Grimm Is Already Thinking About Another Run For His Old House Seat, Now That A Democrat Won It

“I’m certainly not closing any doors," the former Staten Island congressman told BuzzFeed News.

Alexis Levinson • 4 months ago

The Democrats Have Taken Control Of The House Of Representatives

Democrats picked up seats in the suburbs and won in areas where Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in 2016.

Molly Hensley-Clancy • 4 months ago

A Group Of Irish Citizens Is Campaigning In Some Of The Most Competitive US Congressional Races

“We all have an interest in American politics, so we wanted to be part of a campaign to change the direction of American politics.”

Alexis Levinson • 4 months ago

Tears, Fears, And Cheeseburgers: Inside The Chaotic Final Days Of California’s Pivotal House Races

Democrats have pointed to five races in California as a path to gaining a majority, but the areas have long been Republican strongholds.

Alexis Levinson • 4 months ago

Steve King Is Beginning To Lose Support After Years Of Racist Statements. Republicans Still Expect Him To Win.

Donors and some Republicans are moving away from Steve King. But “it would take a tidal wave to knock him out.”

Alexis Levinson • 4 months ago

South Florida Is The Epicenter Of America’s Nightmare Politics. And It’s Just Continuing On After Last Week's Violence.

“The man is evil, and everyone who supports him is evil,” one Florida voter said on Monday.

Alexis Levinson • 4 months ago

Why Democrats' "Blue Wave" Isn't A Sure Thing

There are still a lot of questions around whether Democrats will be able to take control of the House.

Molly Hensley-Clancy • 4 months ago