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16 Shirts You Can Wear To The Voting Booth!

Who says you can't look fly as hell while fulfilling your civic duty?

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1. If you're feeling cute AND revolutionary

2. If you just CAN'T anymore



3. If you love superheroes

4. If you're just gonna write in...

5. If you're a (wo)man of the people

6. If you're still *mostly* undecided

7. If you're just a really big Hamilton fan

8. If you're #withher

9. If you LOVED The Life of Pablo

10. If you're just here for the rum ham

11. If you're considering a trip up north

12. If you love good wordplay

13. If you think the media is unfairly ignoring candidates

14. If you think Hillary is plenty likeable, thanks

15. If you believe in power couples

16. If you really just can't handle the pressure

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