Remember Brenda Dickson? This Is Her Website.

Brenda Dickson was a soap star in the 80’s. A few years ago, an old video of her resurfaced and spawned amazing parodies. This is her website.

The original video

Brenda’s video ‘Welcome to my Home’ became super popular online a few years ago. It’s a testament to narcissism at it’s finest.

The parody video

Comedienne Deven Green made some hilarious dubs of Dickson’s many videos that have been circulating for a few years. Dickson keeps finding them and taking them offline for copyright infringement. Enjoy it while you can!

The website

This is her official personal website. Who told her this looked okay? Via

Here’s the question: do you think this is tongue-in-cheek? Is she in on the joke or does she not get it? Either way, thank you, Brenda Dickson. Thank you for everything. Via

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