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27 Spot-On GIFs For Anyone Who Loves “This Is Us”

Is it January 10th yet?

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1. When Rebecca’s water breaks during Jack’s birthday dance:

2. When Kate & Kevin realize they’re “deep” into their thirties, and you start to contemplate your own mid-life crisis:

3. When Dr. K swears on his children & grandchildren that he will do everything in his power to help Jack & Rebecca:

4. When Randall delivers that powerful monologue to his biological father that left him on the fire station steps:

lolesports / Via

5. When you realize that Kate & Toby are meant to be after the first time they meet:


6. When Kevin proves he’s more than just a chunk of gorgeous man meat:

7. When Dr. K tells Jack that the third baby was stillborn and passed away:

8. When you realize Rebecca & Jack are going to adopt the abandoned baby to complete their family:


9. When the kids at school are calling Randall “Webster”:

10. When you hear “The Big Three” rally cry for the first time:

11. When “Grandma & Grandpa” walk through the door and it’s not Rebecca & Jack but Rebecca & Miguel:

12. When you realize Rebecca knew who William was the entire time:

13. When Toby shows up to Kate’s house dressed as a chauffer with a red carpet, taking pictures of her:

14. When Kate sings “Time After Time” at the nursing home:

15. When the young girls at the pool are embarrassed of little Kate & don’t want to play with her:

16. When Toby finally opens up about his ex-wife:

17. When you briefly get to hear Mandy Moore’s angelic singing voice:

18. When you realize Jack is dead:

19. When Kevin has that meaningful conversation about life and death with his nieces:

Nickelodeon / Via

20. When Jack gives little Randall a pep talk about being different and says he loves him as much as the human heart can:

21. When Kevin finally breaks down about his father’s death:

22. When Kevin & Randall squash their beef and finally start to act like brothers:

23. When Kate breaks up with Toby:

24. When Randall realizes Rebecca’s been keeping his father’s whereabouts a secret for his entire life:

25. When Jack puts little Randall on his back & starts doing pushups:

Empire FOX / Via

26. When Toby & Kate FINALLY get back together on Christmas Eve, and the next minute he’s flat lining on an operating table:

Scream Queens FOX / Via

27. When you realize you’re only half way through season one, and there’s more heart wrenching episodes to come:

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