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    If You Love Craft Beer You Need These In Your Life ASAP

    I think we can all agree that it doesn’t take much to enjoy a cold one 🍻 🍺

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. And FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    You're big on taste and know that a craft brew pairs well with your favorite dish.

    Or maybe you prefer to keep it simple and just throw one back with some friends from time to time. That's cool too.

    1. A layering tool so you can recreate a ~flawless~ Black and Tan.

    2. This heavy-duty cooler that can stack up to 20 cans while keeping them all super cold.

    3. A bike chain bottle opener that's structurally unable to get stuck in your drawer.

    4. These beer-inspired coffee blends with notes of hops and barley.

    5. This "Chillsner" tool to keep your drink cold and your puns hot.

    6. This pint glass with a built-in bottle opener because it's time to simplify your life.

    7. A beer and food pairing guide that's also a towel because hey, spills happen.

    8. This craft IPA beer shampoo and conditioner set that brings new meaning to the term "shower beers."

    9. A wall-mounted state bottle opener because home is where the beer is.

    10. Your very own beer flight set.

    11. An epic Das Horn, complete with a strap for hands-free mingling.

    12. These clever HTML glasses that will fit right in at your next hackathon.

    13. A dent-free bottle cap opener so you can save those ~sick~ caps.

    14. A trio of craft beer pretzel mixes to wash down with your favorite beverage.

    15. An assortment of beer and bourbon nuts to keep things deliciously interesting.

    16. A sling that is actually a can cooler because why not?

    17. A tabletop brewing kit because let's be honest, you've wanted to take a swing at brewing your own ale forever.

    18. A set of four craft beer collection glasses for picture-perfect pours.

    19. This wooden beer caddy with a built-in bottle opener.

    20. This clever little system to defy gravity in your fridge.

    21. The coolest growler you've ever seen (seriously).

    22. A beer-chilling coaster set made from stone that totally rocks (get it?).

    23. A rousing game of Beeropoly!

    24. This state-shaped display board cut from birch plywood to show off your cap collection.

    25. A beer brewing kit that's specifically for IPA lovers.

    26. A personalized barrel mug if steins just aren't your thing.

    27. An insulated growler or keg kit because flat beer is the devil's bathwater.

    28. Stainless steel bottle opener cufflinks that prove style is so much better when it's practical.

    29. A beer-dispensing carryall bag that's basically the perfect way to stay prepared.

    30. These beer-infused BBQ sauces made from an amber ale, an IPA, and a porter stout.

    31. This glass that's specifically created to spotlight malt-rich beers like stouts and porters.

    32. A set of four wooden coasters to keep your rustic aesthetics in play 24/7.

    33. This Danish beer foamer to release your drink's natural aromas in style.

    34. These cool lil' beer sweater cozies.

    35. This steampunk-looking pressurized craft beer growler.

    36. A stainless steel tumbler, because hops are life.

    37. A pint glass that looks like an inverted beer bottle and tells the world you know beer better than anyone else.

    38. These four agate coasters because geology is awesome.

    39. A beer tower that lets you entertain like a pro.

    40. The most useful beer cooler bag ever.