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Everyday Struggles Of People Who Require Their Personal Space

You see this area I'm marking off around myself?

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When someone insists on air kissing you like this..

But it definitely feels a lot more like this.

When your significant other is a mega-cuddler.

..So you have to get a little creative.

When you encounter the dreaded close-talker.

Unnecessary hand touching.

When you're intercepted by a face grabber and there's literally no escape.

When a friend just needs a shoulder to cry on..

But you're like..

That affectionate family member that violates parts of your face you didn't realize could be violated.

When you're on a first date with someone who thinks crap like this is sexy..

When you have one of those friends who is a little too comfortable with you.

One word. Children.

And when someone is hovering over your shoulder and it legit feels like...

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