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22 Reasons Why Hanson Is More Magnificent Than Ever

18 years since Mmmbop and we're still in love.

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So Hanson has been in the biz since they were this tiny...

This is them today. You're welcome.

They know how to laugh at themselves.

And at each other.

Their fashion sense is always on point.

They just don't mess around.

Isaac's straight up swagger.

And there's the sheer beauty....

The sheer, sheer beauty...

They insist on dancing like utter fools in their music videos.

Sometimes they even dance with Weird Al.

They are the most adorable Dads ever.

I mean...

Seriously, ever.

They know exactly how to keep their fans happy.

And of course.. they have ALWAYS had the most exquisite hair in the music industry.

Ugh, stop it..

They're all about the teamwork.

The fact that Taylor does not shy away from the occasional bathroom mirror selfie.

Zac. Just... Zac.


And the best part is, they really haven't changed one bit.

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