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17 Of Those Moments Every Type One Diabetic Will Recognize

Dia-badasses. Represent.

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When we seriously need to get a handle on our blood sugar.

When we get super low and need food like immediately, now, right now, nownownow.

And when a concerned human tries to reel us in, mid-freakout sesh.

When we've had our fourth low of the day and just want to not see food ever again.

And then there's the subsequent blood sugar spike.

When we have to sneak quick sugar into someplace that doesn't allow food.

When someone seriously feels the need to mention Steel Magnolias or Panic Room.

"Oh! My uncle's friend's gardener's cousin's best friend has type TWO diabetes.."

When someone looks disturbed by our taking insulin or testing blood sugar in public.

When we're having an "off" day and someone is diving into a big stack of pancakes without a care in the world, and we're just like...

When we discover a new low carb recipe that's almost as delicious as the real thing.

And when a restaurant inexplicably douses a low carb dish with some kind of nasty, sugary sauce.

(Which was NOT on the menu!!!)

How we feel everyone is looking at us when we are going through airport security with a crapload of medical junk.

And when TSA actually gives zero fucks and says nothing.

When we hear an ignorant diabetes joke on TV.

Or in real life.

When we just need to do some sort of cardio to get our blood sugar down.

When our endocrinologists tell us our A1C is right on target.

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