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15 Things That Always Make Us Feel Better When Halloween Is Over

So what comes after the sugar coma?

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No more having to share our candy.

We will be seeing a lot less of these on every corner.

And this is a lot less likely to happen to you now.

This too.


It is actually fine to dress up our dogs any freakin' day of the year.

And speaking of dogs.. now they can finally get some rest.

It's tough being a guard dog on Halloween.

We can now start looking forward to eating our body weight in poultry and pie.

Forget candy!


It is now much more socially acceptable to listen to our guilty pleasure Christmas albums.

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Over and over and over again..

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" can totally double as a Christmas movie.

Your neighborhood will slowly start to turn into a magical fairyland.

Soon it will be time to get a tree.

Or.. whatever other holiday traditions you choose to embrace.


...And did I mention Christmas movies?

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