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11 Problems Only People With Social Anxiety Understand

Just pretend I'm not here for a sec..

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When your phone starts buzzing after you've put on your jammies.

When there's a knock at your door after you've put on your jammies.

When you try to gracefully sneak away from a social gathering.

When you've run out of things to say on a date and you finally just have to come clean.

When your brain just can't with the words.

When people demand to know why you want to be alone.

And when that alone time gives you way too much space to think.

When someone you haven't seen in years corners you and there is literally no escape.

When zoning out is your only escape.

The fact that you're just really selective about your friends.

When your friends promise that if you come to karaoke, you totally won't have to sing. They lie.

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