10 Facial Expressions Only Your BFF Understands

The unspoken language of best friends.

1. When you spot a hottie.

Capella International / KC Medien / Moving Pictures / Eric’s Boy / Via reddit.com

2. When you start to get HANGRY.

3. When you’re trying to be cordial with someone you hate.

Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures / 20th Century Fox Television / Via myblogsantai.blogspot.com

4. When something went right over your head.

Live Nation / Via victorious.wikia.com

5. When you’re trying to be super serious but you thought of something dirty.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via chels725.com

6. When you’re trying really hard not to bitchslap someone into next Tuesday.

NBC Universal Television Studio / Via reactiongifs.com

7. When you need coffee as soon as humanly possible.

Lorimar Productions / Via peliculassobrepsicologia.blogspot.com

8. And when it’s time to put down the coffee and back away slowly.

CCTV / Via taringa.net

9. When you just can’t deal with the feelings and need some sweatpants and fudge.

Touchstone Television / Black-Marlens Company / Via gifsec.com

10. And most importantly, when you just farted.

Illumination Entertainment / Via iksull.kr

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