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5 Ways To Minimize Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the major causes of health diseases and contaminations. There are four major sources of air pollution. The mobile sources include buses, cars, planes, trains, trucks etc. The stationary sources include power plants, factories, industrial facilities, oil refineries, etc. The area sources include cities, agriculture areas, and wood burning fireplaces. The natural sources include wildfires, windblown dust, and volcanoes. These sources cause air pollution, but there are many preventive measures that you can take up to reduce air pollution. Following are some methods that you can take up to reduce air pollution.

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1. Improving your vehicle’s Fuel Economy

Per the research of EPA, it has been estimated that a 1% increase in the fuel economy of the vehicle decrease the carbon dioxide emission by 1%. There are many methods which can help you to attain fuel economy, e.g. avoid accelerating quickly, don’t try to brake hard or drive at high speeds. You should try to remove access weight on your vehicle like unused roof of a car, or bike carries that cause drag to your vehicle.

2. Developing a culture of public transportation / Via

One the finest ways of reducing the air pollution are to reduce the huge amounts of cars on the roads, and this can be only done by adopting public transport. Public transportation can help to reduce the rush of vehicles on roads. You should try to walk to your workplace, or if you live in a distant place, you may take the public transport. As per the research of department of transportation of many countries, it is concluded that an average person can save money if he/she adopts carpooling or uses public transport.

3. Purchasing Efficient vehicles (Electric Cars)

To reduce air pollution the electric cars are a great addition to the vehicles. Buying electric cars will not reduce your fuel consumption but it will also lower the air pollution. When you purchase a car, always opt for the one that has an efficient fuel consumption.

4. Keeping your Vehicle in Good Condition / Via

If you don’t buy an electric car, you should try to maintain your vehicles, maintain the engine up-to date and ties properly inflated. These precautions will keep your car in good condition and will make you eco-friendly.

5. Factories in far off areas

Installing facilities far off from populated areas can reduce the air pollution in the densely populated areas.

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