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    Victoria Beckham Just Proved She's Always Been A Trendsetter With Some Adorable Throwback Photos

    And revealed the career she almost had!

    Victoria Beckham has always been a fashion icon!

    Victoria wears a black satin dress with thin straps and lace on the chest

    The designer and former Spice Girl recently shared some sweet throwback photos on Instagram in honor of International Dog Day.

    Victoria wears a white suit jacket and shirt with ruffle collar

    In the "retro" snaps, a 13-year-old Victoria could be seen posing with her Yorkie pup, Bambi.

    In the caption, Victoria pointed out the "very chic" banana clips in her hair, noting that the accessory is now "back in" style and joking that she's "always been a trendsetter."

    A close up of young Victoria with the clips in her hair circled

    Victoria's second throwback photo shows her with a small pack of dogs, explaining that she was taking part in the Goffs Oak dog show.

    Young Victoria wears a romper and walks three dogs on a leash in a dog show

    "I was on route to Crufts before being a Spice Girl got in the way 😂," Victoria joked, referencing the international dog show held in the UK.

    Victoria poses with the Spice Girls

    While her dreams of being a fashionista and pop star got in the way of her dog trainer career, I think it's safe to say she made the right choice!