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    The USPS Just Revealed New Trucks, And They Look Like Something Out Of A Pixar Movie

    They just need a new uniform to match.

    It's been almost 35 years since the US Postal Service debuted a new design for its mail trucks, and they are in need of an overhaul, to say the least.

    An old mail truck in New York City
    View Press / Getty Images

    With no air-conditioning, a lack of insulation, and some older trucks that are a *literal* fire hazard, they definitely don't seem fit for the "neither snow nor rain nor heat" kind of commitment for which the Postal Service is known.

     A mail truck covered in snow
    Boston Globe / Getty Images

    AND there are reportedly still 140,000 of the original vehicles from 1986 (!!!) in operation.

    Hence the "Next Generation Delivery Vehicle," which looks adorably futuristic...

    The new mail truck which has a large glass front window and a cartoon-ish shape
    USPS / Via

    ...and also as if it could have rolled out of the movie Cars...

    Pixar are apparently making USPS trucks while people can’t go to movie theaters.

    @andrewmhickey / Via Twitter: @andrewmhickey

    ...or could have been hand-drawn.

    The new USPS vehicle design looks like my attempt to draw a truck in first grade.

    @AndrewGortonWx / Via Twitter: @AndrewGortonWx

    But while the general public may see some humor in the design, it was actually created with the specific demands of mail carriers in mind.

    The new mail truck with arrows pointing to each new feature
    USPS / Via

    Features of the new truck include a high-visibility windshield, bigger cargo space, an extra-large hatch for transporting large parcels, automatic emergency braking, 360-degree cameras, parking sensors, and, of course, air-conditioning.

    Plus, the vehicles have gone through intense testing, ensuring that they will be able to withstand all terrains and weather conditions.

    The new mail truck from the side
    USPS / Via

    I feel bad for the test driver because these trucks had to withstand 35,000 potholes EACH.

    The project will cost over $1 billion, which I guess means that last summer's campaign to save the Postal Service by buying its merch must have worked?

    But regardless of cost, the USPS is an essential service, and its employees deserve a safe and efficient work environment.

    A postal worker and an old truck
    Valerie Macon / Getty Images

    And by 2031, there could be as many as 165,000 of these vehicles on the road, making their job a little easier.

    What do you think of the design? Share in the comments!

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