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    I'm Obsessed With How Extra These Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are

    You're sure to win best dressed in one of these sweaters!

    It wouldn't truly be the holiday season without an ugly Christmas sweater. Use these TikToks as inspiration to create your own!

    Hallmark/Giphy / Via

    1. This sweater has me aspiring to reach this this level of Christmas spirit:

    A woman wears a green sweater covered in tinsel and ornaments
    @lbbrocks / Via

    #uglysweaters #uglychristmassweater #christmas #SpotifyWrapped #fyp #f #2019 #forypupage

    ♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

    2. This person took things to the next level and attached a whole working train set and Christmas village to her sweater:

    A woman wears a sweater with a train set attached around her waist
    @teentigermom93 / Via

    I take ugly sweater very serious #SpotifyWrapped #morph #neverzero #uglysweater #uglysweaterchallenge #christmaschallenge #uglychallenge

    ♬ original sound - Teentigermom93

    3. Not only did this person rock a onesie featuring Santa breakdancing, but they also attached 60 ornaments to their beard:

    A man with ornaments in attached to his bear wears a onesie with a photo of Santa dancing
    @ironsanctuary / Via

    What are you gonna do about it? #uglysweaters #fyp #foryou #holidayhacks #gingerbeardman #christmas

    ♬ original sound - Kevin Clevenger

    4. This person is all about tinsel, all the time:

    A sweater made entirely of green tinsel
    @niccisdad / Via

    Christmas sweater time! #uglysweater #christmas #party

    ♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

    5. As if this sweater wasn't extra enough, this person added even more flair:

    A man flashes a peace sign in a elf sweater
    @adampukeonhaters / Via

    Ugly holiday sweater DIY!!🎄 #diy #holidaycountdown #holiday #holidaytiktok #holidaysourway #vlog #uglysweater #christmassweater #christmas

    ♬ original sound - Adam Puke

    6. The family that wears ugly Christmas sweaters together, stays together:

    @cezsanchez0 / Via

    Ugly Christmas sweaters!!

    ♬ Tipsy (Radio Mix) - J-Kwon

    7. This sweater is lit:

    A sweater featuring an embroidered fireplace and tinsel
    @jacksonfelt / Via

    my mom made me wear this ugly christmas sweater in public! 😂😭

    ♬ original sound - charli d'amelio

    8. And this one may be a TAD bit too small:

    A man in a cropped sweater which says tis the season
    @two_tomos / Via

    2 Tomo’s go Christmas sweater shopping #uglysweater #uglysweaterchallenge #tomo

    ♬ original sound - 2 TOMOS & A DIRTY B

    9. This purr-fect sweater actually took home a prize:

    A sweater with a plush cat attached to a tinsel tree
    @detnie19 / Via

    #christmas #ugly #uglychristmassweater

    ♬ original sound - Stephanie Lynn💜

    10. If you're looking to make your own, this DIY sweater will have you jingling all the way:

    A sweater covered in bells and tinsel
    @sewanastasia / Via

    Ugly Christmas sweater! #sewing #tiktokpartner #diychristmas

    ♬ Jingle Bell Rock - Brian Setzer & The Brian Setzer Orchestra

    11. And this other DIY sweater will definitely turn heads:

    A black cardigan with a 3D Christmas tree
    @diywithamy / Via

    DIY Ugly Christmas sweater #easydiy #uglychristmassweater #uglysweatercontest #uglysweaterparty

    ♬ Jingle Bell Rock - Christmas Music

    12. A sweater with subtle sparkle is a good choice for those who aren't as bold:

    A woman in a red sweater with sparkly holly on it
    @jesskiddingm8 / Via

    i thrifted this ugly christmas sweater now i’m ready for the holidays 🎅🏼✌🏼

    ♬ The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole

    13. Or this sweater that's super easy to recreate:

    @icynola / Via

    let make ugly Christmas sweaters! #christmas #uglysweater #jinglebells #fyp #foryoupage

    ♬ Jingle Balls (Bass Remix) - Christmas

    14. Llama lovers will want this sweater ASAP:

    A red and white sweater with a llama on it
    @fmsmith319 / Via

    Who is pumped to rock some ugly Christmas sweaters? #christmas #uglychristmassweater

    ♬ Christmas Unboxing - Tik Tok

    15. This unicorn sweater definitely brought the holiday magic:

    A woman in a sweater with a unicorn popping out that says Holiday magic
    @marisinaround / Via

    Unicorn Ugly Christmas Sweater Fail! So good #uglychristmassweater #unicorn #sweaterweather #christmaslook #uglysweaterchallenge #shoppingfail

    ♬ original sound - Marisa

    16. And finally, this reindeer sweater isn't just 3D - it lights up too!

    A sweater with 3D reindeer
    @davidparody1 / Via

    Christmas Ugly Sweater Party! #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

    ♬ All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

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