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People Are Sharing The Most Messed Up Things Their In-Laws Have Ever Said To Them And It's Shocking

If you thought your family drama was bad, you need to hear these stories...

Spending the holidays with family can get a little tense but for some people, it's downright awful.

When TikTok user @jackieee.1028 noticed people sharing their in-law horror stories, she decided to ask her own followers, "What's the most fucked-up thing an in-law has ever said or done to you?"

For her it was when her mother-in-law threatened to hire a private investigator to find her just so she could beat her up:

Here are some more of the worst in-law stories TikTok had to share:

Warning: These stories deal with toxic relationships and pregnancy.

1. This woman says that while she was caring for her recently paralyzed husband in the hospital (while also dealing with a newborn, a 9-5 job and a three hour commute), her in-laws went behind her back and removed her from the hospital visitors list so she couldn't see her husband:

2. And this woman's entire TikTok account is dedicated to supporting others dealing with toxic in-laws. When her MIL (mother-in-law) found out, she and some other family members contacted her university to attempt to get her removed from her PhD program. She later tried to report that she had stolen her identity:

3. After this woman's husband left for boot camp, her MIL wrote a letter to him, falsely accusing her of cheating on him. When she found out it was actually her husband who was cheating on her, her MIL told her to stop being "salty." Things got even worse after she gave birth to the couple's twins:


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4. After her son came out as trans, this woman asked her MIL to use her son's preferred pronouns. She declined and proceeded to host a family meeting claiming the woman must be abusing her child, causing him to identify as trans:

5. This mom says after becoming pregnant, her sister-in-law, who hadn't been able to get pregnant, spent her entire pregnancy insulting her. Despite trying to conceal her pregnancy, the SIL accused her of rubbing it in her face and said some pretty awful things:

6. This woman says her MIL didn't believe her baby belonged to her son and called her the "town whore." She promised to ruin her reputation so that she would move away and her son would split up with her:

7. After telling her in-laws that she was pregnant, they flipped out, treating her and her fiancé like teenagers. She was banned from their home and they never saw their grandchild, eventually causing her split with her fiancé:


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8. When this woman met the grandmother of her ex-husband for the first time, she told her that she thought she was going to be thinner...while she was eight months pregnant:

9. This woman proposed to her husband so she didn't have an engagement ring. When her aunt-in-law saw another relative's large engagement ring, she pointed out that the size of ring directly correlated to how much the man loved you:

10. This woman and her husband were keeping their pregnancy news quiet because of previous complications. She did tell her MIL though and invited her to come to a sonogram. The following day she discovered that her MIL had posted the news on Facebook, alerting all their friends and family, even though she knew it was a secret:


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11. This woman's MIL and FIL were getting divorced and she got dragged into the proceedings. Her MIL accused her of cheating on her son with her husband, all while he was away on deployment. Her reasoning? She was upset her son hadn't taken sides in the divorce case:

12. As newlyweds, this woman and her husband weren't in the best financial standing. Her MIL offered to buy the couple some groceries and when she sent her a thank you note, her MIL explained that the groceries were only for her son and she could not eat them:


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Do you have any in-law horror stories? Share 'em in the comments!

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