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    These Thanksgiving Side Dishes Will Definitely Elevate Your Meal

    Figure out what you're bringing to Thanksgiving with a little help from some TikTok chefs!

    1. Start the day right with some delicious pumpkin spice buns:

    Golden brown buns with a white frosting
    @eitan / Via

    Find the full recipe here!

    2. Or perhaps you'll enjoy apple pie pancakes with your family on Thanksgiving morning:

    A large stack of pancakes at a table setting
    @thepalatablelife / Via

    DAY 2: APPLE PIE PANCAKES. watch til the end for some thoughts on thanksgiving 💗

    ♬ Aesthetic Girl - Yusei

    3. Then for lunch, try this Butternut Squash Soup (it's vegan!) but make sure to leave room for dinner:

    A orange colored soup garnished with seeds
    @thepalatablelife / Via

    4. For dinner, check out this mouthwatering Italian style stuffing:

    5. But if you're looking for a stuffing that's a little more traditional, whip this up:

    A spoon dips into a pan filled with stuffing
    @melissa_jo1 / Via

    6. And here's one more stuffing option for good measure:

    A closeup of a dish filled with crispy stuffing
    @omnivorousadam / Via

    🦃 BOOKMARK THIS ONE FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Example recipe in comments...🤘🏼Adam #MotivationMonday #thanksgiving #cooking #stuffing

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    7. Of course, you need the mashed potatoes:

    A serving dish of mashed potatoes with green garnish
    @sad_papi / Via

    8. Here's a more simple, alternate mashed potato recipe:

    A closeup of potatoes with olive oil and thyme on top
    @holisticnutrition / Via

    9. If you're more into sweet potatoes, you should try this recipe:

    A bowl of mashed sweet potatoes
    @iskra / Via

    10. Dinner rolls are also a must and these look SO good:

    Nine golden brown rolls straight out of the oven
    @flakeysalt / Via

    11. You can't forget the green beans:

    A simple plate of cooked green beans and garlic
    @cookingwithtips / Via

    12. And if you're feeling adventurous, try a more advanced recipe:

    A green bean dish with lots of toppings
    @sad_papi / Via

    13. This corn casserole is also a Thanksgiving staple:

    Breaded creamed corn in a red baking dish
    @bamagrillmaster / Via

    14. As is this cranberry sauce:

    Cranberry sauce in a silver mixing bowl
    @sad_papi / Via

    15. Or this one!

    Cranberry sauce on a spoon
    @acooknamedmatt / Via

    16. If mac 'n' cheese is served at your Thanksgiving dinner, try this recipe out:

    Mac n cheese covered in bacon and cheese
    @nishcooks / Via

    17. And I had to share this one too because it looked so good:

    A very cheesy dish of mac n cheese
    @mxriyum / Via

    18. If you're looking for something unique to bring to the table, consider these stuffed artichokes:

    Baked artichokes on a plate
    @thekitchenbitch / Via

    19. Or spice things up with these cheesy baked zucchinis:

    Breaded pieces of zucchini
    @thekitchenbitch / Via

    Now just put the turkey in the oven and you're set!