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    These People Had No Idea They Were Talking To Celebrities And Their Stories Are Hilarious

    "Then it hit me...I don't know him, he's just famous!"

    Celebrities are just like us. In fact, they're so much like us, that sometimes it's hard to recognize them out in public. For a few TikTok users, it's led to some pretty hilarious encounters when they didn't realize they were talking to a celebrity!

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    That's why @gillyandthegirl decided to ask her followers, "Have you ever met or spoken to a celebrity and didn't realize they were famous?"

    She started by sharing a story from when she worked at a spa at an exclusive hotel. Part of her job was to have guests sign in to use the gym...unless they were on the list of celebrities staying at the hotel. She seemed to have missed a memo early one morning and after chatting with a guest and asking him to sign in, she discovered it had been J.J. Abrams:


    Celeb story time! #greenscreen #MyHaul

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    Here are some of the best stories:

    1. This woman was at a club with some friends when a man approached their table to chat with them. They began talking about their hometowns and jobs and he revealed he was an actor. At the end of the conversation, he asked for her number and she politely turned him down. He even tried to invite her to an afterparty! When the duo happened to walk out of the club at the same time, she got a look at him in better lighting and realized it was Chase Crawford:


    #stitch with @gillyandthegirl the only one of these ~celeb story~ things I’ll do because nothings hits like a middle school crush 😂❤️

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    2. While walking her dog, this TikToker and a friend passed by a restaurant with outdoor seating. Suddenly, her pup yanked her in the direction of the people dining outside and started sniffing one woman in particular. After apologizing, the duo chatted about dogs for a few minutes before parting ways. When safely out of earshot, her friend let her know that it had been Lori Loughlin:


    #stitch with @gillyandthegirl yeah so here’s the story of where my soul left my body hope you enjoy xx #fyp #foryou #taylorswift

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    3. When this woman was 16, she was taking a flight to visit her boyfriend. In the lounge, she noticed a man looking at her but she brushed it off. He ended up sitting in front of her and during the flight, he turned around to ask her if they had met before. While they hadn't previously met, he introduced himself as Mike and they began chatting. He mentioned that he was singer and went she later asked for his full name, he revealed that he was Michael Bublé:


    #stitch with @gillyandthegirl This was WILD #fyp

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    4. While dining at a restaurant in LA, this woman thought she noticed an old friend. She approached the man, who looked a little confused, and gave him a big hug. She told him how much she had missed him and was glad to see him. It wasn't until after their conversation that she sat down and realized it had been Craig Robinson. She didn't actually know him, he was just famous:


    #stitch with @gillyandthegirl He gets a 10 out of the 10 for the rest of my life. What a great guy. #celebrityencounters #theoffice #craigrobinson

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    5. This woman is good friends with Dolly Parton's manager, so she ended up with an invite to a CMAs afterparty. She met up with her friend at a hotel beforehand, where she starting talking with an attractive man who was a little bit older than her. The duo hit it off and when they later arrived at the afterparty, people started freaking out about the man - even other celebrities. It turns out she had been flirting with Kiefer Sutherland all night (and calling him Keith):

    Hear about the rest of her night with Kiefer in Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6.


    #stitch with @gillyandthegirl PART 1 ❤️ #celebrity #storytime #kiefersutherland #dancer #nashville #fyp #foryou #celebrityencounters

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    6. As a supermarket cashier in a small town, this TikToker usually recognized all the shoppers. Then, around Christmastime, a man she had never seen before came into the store on several occasions. He told her that he was in town visiting his mother-in-law with his wife and their new baby. She didn't find out who he was until a customer later told her that she was sad her daughter and son-in-law had left town. The customer mentioned that she may have seen the couple, who were both actors. When she asked the customer for the son-in-law's name, she revealed it was Chad Michael Murray:


    #stitch with @gillyandthegirl #greenscreen #fyp

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    7. When this woman worked at a shoe store, a family walked into the shop just before closing. She was standing behind the register while her colleague Christian assisted the family. But every time she addressed her co-worker, the husband seemed to respond to her. She thought it was weird, but figured the man was just confused. The final time she addressed Christian, she noticed the man's wife giving her a "death stare." After the family left, her co-worker let her know that the man was Jamie Dornan and he probably thought she was referring to him by the name of his Fifty Shades of Grey character:


    #stitch with @gillyandthegirl ALSO I saw him do an interview&he said he finds it weird when ppl call him Christian in front of his family 😃 #fyp

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    8. While at the airport with her mom, this TikToker ran into Seth Rogen. When she approached him to say hi, he gave her a hug, prompting her mom to ask how they knew each other. Seth laughed and jokingly said, "We're old friends!"


    #stitch with @gillyandthegirl my mom really not knowing who he is

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    9. This woman was on her way to work when she honked at a driver in front of her who was driving erratically. The other driver ended up following her to a gas station, where they got into a confrontation. Suddenly two other men stepped in to help mediate the situation. It turns out one of them was Waka Flocka Flame:


    #stitch with @gillyandthegirl #fyp

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    10. This woman's father works as a landscaper and sometimes goes door-to-door to find new customers. At one house, the woman who answered the door went to get her husband who then asked if he knew who he was. He replied "no" and the man ended up hiring him. When he got home that night, he asked his daughter, "Do you know who T-Pain is?"


    #stitch with @gillyandthegirl as if “T-Pain” wasn’t already short enough 😂 anyways I’m upset I haven’t met him yet #tpain #celebrity #storytime #fyp

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    11. This woman and her friends were at a relatively empty bar in LA on a Tuesday night. When she went to get a drink, she began talking to the man seated nearby, who complimented her outfit. She later told him that she worked at a celebrity gifting showroom and he replied that he had been there before. She told him he must be mistaken, as you have to be a celebrity to go there, but he persisted. That's when her friend leaned over to let her know it was Tom Felton:


    #stitch with @gillyandthegirl Draco was trynna slither in that night 👀 #dracotok #dracomalfoy #harrypotter #stitch

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    12. While this woman was training to be an entertainment host at Disneyland, she was hanging with Mater at Cars Land. That's when a man approached and stood nearby, watching as she told jokes with Mater. She asked if he wanted a photo with Mater but he declined. When her set was over, her trainers immediately ran over to let her know the man standing nearby had been John Travolta:


    #stitch with @gillyandthegirl i didn’t recognize him back in 2018, but i know who he is LOL #foryou #celebrity #storytime

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    13. While at Urth Caffe in LA, this woman was standing in line for the bathroom behind another woman who looked extremely familiar. When she returned to the table, her mom agreed that she looked like she had seen her before. She decided to approach and ask if they knew each other. In the middle of trying to figure it out, she realized she was actually talking to Hailey Bieber:


    #stitch with @gillyandthegirl

    ♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

    Have you ever met a celebrity but didn't know they were famous? Share your story in the comments!

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