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20 Halloween Recipes From TikTok To Get You Ready For The Spooky Season

Halloween isn't just a holiday, it's a lifestyle. Here's how to bring your spooky season obsession into the kitchen...

1. Summer's over so forget the s'mores and use your leftover marshmallows to make these candy coated treats:

Marshmallow with orange candy coating

Watch the recipe here:

2. Forget UberEats and make your Starbucks Witch's Brew Frappuccino in the comfort of your own home:

A purple frappuccino with green sprinkles

Watch the recipe here:

3. These quesadillas are gourd-geous...okay that was cheesy:

Quesadillas with a face carved into the center

Watch the recipe here:


🎃 Please stand by as I enter halloweentiktok. My favorite month 👻 #halloween2020 #halloween #halloweenfood #spookyseason

♬ original sound - Tara “T” Ippolito 💜

4. These batty snacks made with Oreos are almost TOO simple to make:

Oreos shaped like bats with eyes

Watch the recipe here:


Versuche blind "Oreo Fledermaus" zu tippen🦇Insta:besassique,ich folge einigen zurück🕷️#halloweenfood #halloweendiy #diy #fürdich #fy #wowohmygod

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5. Obsessed with cheese boards? Give it a candy twist:

A board of food filled with cookies and pretzels that look like a pumpkin

Watch the recipe here:

6. Get in some pumpkin carving practice with an orange bell pepper for this easy Halloween dinner:

A bell pepper that looks like a jack-o-lantern

Watch the recipe here:

7. "Poison" candy apples minus the poison...and the trip to the apple orchard:

A candy apple with black coating

Watch the recipe here:

8. These Halloween cookies are almost too cute to eat...almost:

Halloween cookies shaped like cute ghosts, bats, pumpkins and candy corn

Watch the recipe here:

9. These tombstone brownie bites are deadly:

A brownie bite with a graham cracker sticking out that says "RIP"

Watch the recipe here:

10. Proof that witches have a sweet side too:

A strawberry coated in chocolate to look like a witch's hat

Watch the recipe here:

11. When you want a burger but you're feeling spooky:

A burger bun that is shaped like a skull

Watch the recipe here:

12. Who needs the Jalapeño Challenge when you can mummify these stuffed peppers:

Jalapenos that are wrapped in dough to look like mummies

Watch the recipe here:

13. Your daily caffeine fix...but make it Halloween:

A coffee drink with lots of orange whipped cream and sprinkles

Watch the recipe here:

14. For those trying to make their healthy Halloween a little more fun:

Mini cakes shaped like skulls

Watch the recipe here:

15. This pumpkin shaped cheese dip is perfect for a small socially distanced Halloween gathering:

A cheese dip that is shaped like a pumpkin

Watch the recipe here:

16. These deviled eggs are as delicious as they are spooky:

Deviled eggs with a green center

Watch the recipe here:

17. This Halloween snack for little ones makes me wonder why I never realized pumpkins and clementines look a LOT alike:

A plate of food including a clementine, a pancake shaped like a ghost and grapes that spell "BOO"

Watch the recipe here:

18. Halloween pizza party? Say no more:

A pizza with cheese shaped like ghosts and olives shaped like spiders

Watch the recipe here:

19. Who knew creepy crawlers could be so tasty:

A pastry that looks like a giant spider

Watch the recipe here:

20. These Rice Krispy treats got a monster makeover:

A Rice Krispy treat covered in green frosting with eyes

Watch the recipe here:


Chocolate Monster Rice Krispies treats are a fun treat for Halloween or any day! #halloween #monster #food #foodies #foodlover #treat

♬ Monsters, Inc - Gustav Lundgren & Unit