The Reasons These People Know Their Boyfriends Won't Cheat On Them Are Too Funny

    Protect these guys at all costs.

    If you're lucky enough to be in a relationship, you know that your significant other probably possesses some sort of lovable quirk or unique passion that makes them who they are.

    And for some, that adorably dorky hobby assures them that their S.O. is way too busy with their passion project to be hitting up other people. That's why @dianasaurusrex124 asked her followers, "Tell me how you know your boyfriend won't cheat on you without telling me how you know your boyfriend won't cheat on you."

    A screenshot of Diana asking her relationship question

    For her, it's her boyfriend's absolute dedication to playing Monopoly online.

    I bet this man doesn't even cheat at board games!


    I watch this man play monopoly online so often that he wouldn’t even have time to be unfaithful #tellmewithouttellingme #ThisCouldBeUs #NewYearNewMiO

    ♬ original sound - Diana🧚🏻

    Here are some of the other hilarious responses:

    1. With this much time spent on his Pokémon card collection, @poorandhungry's boyfriend definitely doesn't have time to cheat:


    #stitch with @dianasaurusrex124 I stg if I hear “sun and moon” one more time #boyfriendcheck #pokemon #couplegoals

    ♬ original sound - $yd

    2. The only thing @gabysobczak is going to find her man doing under the covers is playing Egg Inc.:


    #stitch with @dianasaurusrex124 I literally was not expecting this when the bed was shaking at 4am #FYP #funny #boyfriendcheck #foryourpage 😂

    ♬ original sound - Gaby Sobczak

    3. @couplecam knows she's not gonna find her boyfriend checking out photos of other girls because he'd obviously prefer to check out photos of cars:

    4. A man as invested in a game of hide-and-seek with his toddler as @suexrose's husband is doesn't have anyone else on his mind:


    #stitch with @dianasaurusrex124 The video is self explanatory 🤣 #couplegoals #marriedlife #fyp #InLove

    ♬ original sound - suerose

    5. @jennashortforjenna's boyfriend (and his spot-on Kermit the Frog impression) is clearly completely comfortable being himself around her, so why would he look anywhere else? As Jenna says, he's not afraid of Kermit-ment!

    The boyfriend stands in the kitchen in a snuggie

    6. @theomasters knows it's real because even in the world of Minecraft, they're happily spending all of their time together in the cottage they built for @theomasters:


    #stitch with @dianasaurusrex124 One of the reasons I know @emmajupiter

    ♬ original sound - Theo Masters

    7. Lexi from @austinandlexi can tell she's the only one her boyfriend would share his most prized Pokémon card with:

    8. There may be a lot of fish in the sea, but @spaceddouttt's boyfriend is only looking for them if they're *literally* fish:

    9. @symphonyaragoneswiggins' boyfriend is out to save the world — he doesn't have time for petty things like cheating:

    10. @rexin_around's girlfriend doesn't have anything to worry about...unless maybe if Princess Leia rolls through:


    #stitch with @dianasaurusrex124 the look on my face when I realized... #starwars #MyRoutine

    ♬ original sound - Michael Cannavo

    11. @outtrump3d is all tucked in with his Pokémon pals and doesn't need anything else:

    12. And finally, @heather.eva's boyfriend is so into her that he even seems to enjoy the smell of her farts: