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15 Hilarious Meme Costumes From TikTok

Test your knowledge of memes with these costumes!

These TikTok users took their love of memes to the next level this Halloween!

See if you can name the memes:

1. It's Shia LaBeouf! All four of him!

A group of friends wear Shia LaBeouf costumes from various stages of his life

2. These are all the kids you met on Tumblr in 2014. Feel old yet?

A group of friends dressed in black emo clothing stand in front of a wall

3. IDK, this costume kinda sus:

A man dressed in an orange jumpsuit and orange helmet

4. Did they really think they could include the real 5th mom and no one would notice?

A woman wears a black wig

5. I have nothing to say except that making this must have taken an exceptional amount of effort:

A man in an iPhone costumes where he portrays a man on a skateboard drinking cranberry juice


@420doggface208 @tomhayes603 @mickfleetwood @snoopdogg doggface207.5 #420doggface208

♬ original sound - P_Lo

6. Robert Pattinson, is that you?

A woman wearings a fake beard and beige hoodie

7. This is fine.

A woman wearing dog ears and a painted nose poses with a top hat

8. She nailed all of Arthur's poses:

A woman wears animal ears and a yellow sweater

9. I think we all knew Baby Yoda would be one of the top costumes of 2020:

A woman wears green face paint and Yoda ears

10. She transformed into Radio Rebel right before our very eyes (and nailed that Debby Ryan face):

A woman with auburn hair and bangs makes a funny face

11. No, this is Patrick!

A woman dressed in green shorts, a pink top and fishnet stockings


Redid it with correct fishnets and added spongebob 😂 #foryou #fyp #halloween #patrickstar

♬ Crew - GoldLink

12. The Rock will never live down this iconic look:

A man wears a black turtleneck with a silver chain necklace on top


He killed me with this costume 😂😂😂 Happy Halloween!! #therock #theoldschoolrock #halloween #costumes

♬ original sound - TruthfulAardvark

13. Get in the car, we're going to Flavortown:

A woman wears a blonde short wig, sunglasses and a shirt with flames on it

14. This guy was lacking a partner for his Spider-Man meme costume, but TikTok came in clutch:

Two men in Spider-Man costumes point at each other

15. What's whistling anyway?

A woman dressed as Peppa Pig and her friend chat on their phones