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    Tom Holland Left Simu Liu The Best Voice Memo After Watching "Shang-Chi" And I'm Obsessed With This Marvel Bromance

    "Follow your dreams and maybe one day Tom Holland will watch your movie."

    Tom Holland had the best reaction to watching Shang-Chi and Simu Liu has the voice memo to prove it!

    A closeup of Tom

    During a recent appearance, an audience member asked Simu if he knew Tom personally — and in response, he actually tried to give him a call while on stage!

    A closeup of Simu

    While Tom didn't pick up, Simu did reveal that Tom left him a really nice message after the premiere of his Marvel flick.

    "He's not picking up. Can I play you a voice memo that he left for me once?" Simu asked the crowd.

    A closeup of Simu

    When they responded with cheering, Simu held his phone up to the mic and told the young audience they had to stay pretty quiet.

    Simu stands in front of a podium and holds up his phone

    "Dude, I just watched Shang-Chi bro, that film is so fucking awesome," Tom could be heard saying.

    A closeup of Tom

    The crowd went wild and Simu wrapped up his speech with the hilarious lesson he learned from all of it.

    A closeup of Simu

    "So I guess the lesson is: work really hard and follow your dreams and maybe one day Tom Holland will watch your movie and leave you a voice memo," Simu joked.

    A closeup of Tom

    Watch the entire event and Simu's speech (starting at 1:53:00) below...

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