Shawn Mendes Says He Developed A Strange Obsession During Quarantine Last Year

    "It was getting really weird."

    Like the rest of the world, Shawn Mendes spent a lot of last year at home.

    Shawn wears a white suit jacket to an award show

    And much of that time in quarantine was spent with his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, at her Miami home.

    But exactly what did the couple spend their time doing while stuck at home? It turns out it was pretty much the same thing as the rest of the world.

    Shawn puts his arm around Camila while sitting at an event

    Shawn recently opened up about their quarantine and explained that the couple's now infamous quarantine walks were a really vital part of their day.

    Shawn smiles at Camila while walking down the street

    "It was nice. It really became so important to just walk around. It was nice to feel a part of a home and have that daily routine like that," Shawn said on the Spout Podcast.

    While many people picked up a new hobby or skill while homebound, Shawn says he picked up a kinda strange new obsession.

    Shawn wears a purple suit jacket and teal button down

    "I was getting really into the coffee mug...I was like waking up in the morning and I was like, 'What? Which coffee mug am I today?' It was getting really weird," Shawn explained.

    As for the coffee itself, Shawn says he became a bit of a "snob" and was getting very specific about what he brewed each morning.

    "I was getting really technical about it, and it was just like everything to me. You know, it was my home. I would go to bed super excited for that moment," Shawn shared.

    Meanwhile, Shawn says he attempted to pick up a hobby, but it's hard for him when he'd just rather be playing music.

    Shawn sits on a ledge on a stage while performing and playing guitar

    "I think the real reality is that I struggle to put down the guitar and figure out what to do besides my job and besides music. I’m just completely obsessed with it," he admitted.

    Shawn added, "So for better or for worse, I am searching for a hobby at the moment, but like, I think that all those things are just exploring for me. I think that something’s going to click sooner or later, but until then I’m going to stick to coffee and working out."

    Listen to all that Shawn had to say here.