Rihanna Still Fully Won The Met Gala Without Even Attending This Year Because There Was An Insanely Detailed Marble Statue Of Her Inside

    "Shut down the met in marble!"

    Rihanna may not have been able to make it to the 2022 Met Gala, but she was there in spirit — and in marble!

    A closeup of Rihanna

    While we all missed the opportunity to see RiRi's stunning maternity style on the red carpet, she was not forgotten at the event by any means.

    Rihanna holds her baby bump while wearing a crop top

    In fact, the musician and designer was commemorated in a very permanent way — with an insanely detailed marble statue!

    A large beige statue of Rihanna in a lace jumpsuit with a baby bump

    Modeled after Rihanna's recent Vogue cover shoot, the statue could be seen striking a pose among some of history's most iconic artwork in the halls of the museum.

    Rihanna wears the actual outfit from the photo shoot in a behind the scenes photo

    The statue actually temporarily took the place of "Eirene (The Personification of Peace)," which is usually the highest-profile marble goddess in the museum's Greco-Roman galleries.

    The statue seen being surrounded by other iconic artwork

    "Shut down the met in marble! What’s more gilded than that?" Rihanna wrote on Instagram, along with a video of the statue.

    A screenshot of the caption

    She also shared her thanks to Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the "historic tribute," adding "y’all bad for this one!"

    A closeup on the statue

    Whether or not Rihanna's statue will be on display for the public (or if it was all a very realistic digital creation) is still unknown!