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    Regé-Jean Page Spoke Out About Those "James Bond" Rumors, And I'm Holding Out Hope They're True

    "It's more of a procedural thing."

    Regé-Jean Page is not all that fazed when it comes to those James Bond rumors.

    Despite having basically all of the internet's support for taking over the iconic role, Regé-Jean doesn't think the rumors are that big a deal.

    "If you are British and you do anything of repute, then people take notice and start saying the 'B' word. I think that's fairly normal," Regé-Jean told OK! Magazine.

    He continued, "It's more of a procedural thing, and I'm flattered to be in the category of Brits that people have noticed, but it's nothing more or less that that."

    While Regé-Jean has had an exceptionally casual response to the demand for him to play Bond, this time he did add that he probably has the proper training for the role.

    Regé-Jean Page smiling for the camera

    He noted that he received 007-style training before filming Bridgerton because he had to work with armory and learn how to fire different types of guns for the show.

    Regé-Jean also added that after his 2018 film Mortal Engines, he's "definitely not" intimidated by an action role.

    And while none of that confirms or denies Regé-Jean's involvement in any upcoming Bond flicks, it's helping to hold out my hope a little longer!