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    Rebel Wilson Spotted Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Celebrating Their Engagement Anniversary, So She, Of Course, Had To Share Pics

    Kourtney and Travis celebrated the one-year anniversary of their engagement on October 17.

    Rebel Wilson got the goss on Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's engagement anniversary way before anyone else!

    A closeup of Rebel

    Earlier this week, Kourt and Travis headed back to the spot in Santa Barbara where they got engaged — and Rebel happened to be staying at the same place.

    A closeup of Kourtney and Travis

    It turns out the couple were planning to recreate the moment Travis popped the question — and Rebel got a perfect view from her balcony.

    Rebel says she first realized something was going on when she heard classical music being played on the beach outside of her room.

    A closeup of Rebel

    "I was like: who's playing classical music outside my room! 🙈 Have fun lovebirds 💗," Rebel wrote on her Instagram story.

    Kourt and Travis can be seen kissing while standing in the middle of a heart made of roses and candles on the beach

    She then quickly spotted Travis and Kourtney walking toward a massive display of roses while two musicians played nearby.

    A closeup of Kourtney and Travis

    She added another video of the couple, who appeared to be filming for The Kardashians, writing, "Too cute."

    Kourt and Travis can be seen walking towards a heart made of roses and candles on the beach

    Kourtney has since shared her own photos from the evening, posting photos of the stunning display of roses with the caption, "last night 🌹🌊❤️🌴✨."

    The couple appear to have enjoyed a picnic on the beach as the sun set before spending the night at the hotel.

    A closeup of Kourtney and Travis

    When the couple returned home the next day, some of the roses came along with them — although Kourtney says a majority of them were donated to a local children's hospital.

    A room of flowers with the caption "we donated a bunch of these beautiful flowers from our special night last night to the local children's hospital, in case anyone wants ideas for extra flowers"

    Happy anniversary Kourtney and Travis!