Rebel Wilson Had To Ask The CEO Of Disney Before She Proposed To Her Girlfriend At Disneyland

    "I did go to the big boss to get permission.”

    Rebel Wilson wanted to propose to her girlfriend Ramona Agruma at Disneyland — so she went straight to the big leagues.

    A closeup of Rebel and Ramona

    Before she popped the question at "the happiest proposal place on Earth," Rebel said she thought she should get permission first.

    A closeup of Rebel

    But instead of reaching out to someone at Disneyland, she casually reached out to the literal CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger.

    Bob poses with Minnie Mouse

    "He’s the big, big boss and I thought, well, if he says yes then it was meant to be, and I was meant to propose that day at Disneyland,” Rebel shared on The Drew Barrymore Show.

    A closeup of Rebel

    Once he agreed, she set her plans in motion, making arrangements to have an area roped off and surrounded with topiary trees.

    "I had to get special permission to get a special area roped off and get the topiary trees in, and you know, I had a violinist playing like Disney classic and it was very, it was really romantic," Rebel shared.

    A closeup of Rebel and Ramona

    Of course, Ramona said yes and they went on to enjoy a magical day at Disney — aside from the moment Rebel collapsed because she was so overwhelmed!

    "I was so overwhelmed that afterwards we went on a ride...and I kind of collapsed," Rebel explained. "It was such a huge thing in my life...I literally collapsed on the floor for like five minutes."

    A closeup of Rebel

    Thankfully, Rebel quickly recovered and they celebrated with some churros.

    You can hear more of what Rebel had to say below.