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    These Life Hacks From TikTok Will Become Standard Practice In Your Life

    These are game changers.

    Have you ever discovered a life hack and thought it was so useful that it just became a part of your daily life?

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    That's what happened to @thelifebath when she found this life-changing way to eat chips and dip — all with items you already have at home:

    @thelifebath / Via

    Since the tip became so handy, she asked her followers about the about the hacks that have become an "unconscious standard practice" in their lives. Here's what they had to say:

    1. Never spill again while pouring from one container to another with this hack:

    @thiccumsmcdaddycakes / Via

    2. "Putting two scrunchies on my wrists while washing my face to keep the water from running down my arms! Life changer!!!"


    3. This trick is how I will 100% be cutting peppers from now on:

    @danceswithpugs / Via

    4. If you've ever had a hard time splitting a pill, this hack is for you:

    @2recap / Via

    #stitch with @thelifebath lay the score face down and press on the pill 🤯 #lifehack #medicine #pill

    ♬ original sound - Heather

    5. "We put whole bedding sets inside one of the pillowcases of that set. Never have to hunt around for bedding again!"


    6. "Cut an onion in half and run it under cold water before you finish cutting it up will prevent your eyes from watering."


    7. Keep your chips fresh without a bag clip with this folding trick:

    Via @emmalapagous

    #stitch with @thelifebath if I said I wasn’t known for this amongst my friends I’d be lying

    ♬ original sound - Emma Carr

    8. "Leave the silverware holder for the dishwasher in the sink until it's time to start the dishwasher."


    9. Get the most out of your mac 'n' cheese (or any squeezable food packaging) with this hack:

    @youradhdmom / Via

    #stitch with @thelifebath I’ve learned more on tiktok than I ever learned in school. #lifehack #foodhacks #momsontiktok

    ♬ original sound - Kristen your ADHD Momma

    10. "Put an ice cube in a bowl of cold rice and then put it in the microwave to reheat/steam it."


    11. Tough jar to open? Give it a bang against a counter and the top will twist right off:

    @sandrahawkes / Via

    #stitch with @thelifebath this works on the hardest of jars!! #olives#showme #lifehacks

    ♬ original sound - Sandra Hawkes

    12. "Use an old pillowcase to clean fan blades because they catch the dust!"


    13. If you're having a hard time keeping your wrapping paper together, try this technique to keep it from unraveling:

    @alexa. is. broken / Via

    #stitch with @thelifebath best life hack!! Also works with toilet / towel paper cardboard tubes. #lifehacks

    ♬ original sound - Sassy Alexa

    14. "Light a piece of dried spaghetti and use it to get into candles where you can't reach with a normal match."


    15. If you're ever in an unfamiliar car (or are just forgetful about your own), this trick will show you which side of the car the gas pump is on:

    A gas tank symbol on a car dashboard features an arrow pointing to the right
    @kenaflynn / Via

    16. "Put a few paper towels into your lettuce or greens container. It keeps them fresh way longer."


    17. "Cover the top of your kitchen cupboards with baking parchment so grease/dust doesn't collect. Then just throw away and replace!"


    18. Nowhere to put a hot straightener while doing your hair? Use a mug!

    @insideoutmind / Via

    #stitch with @thelifebath Hot straighter in a coffee cup 🤷🏻‍♀️

    ♬ original sound - InSiDeOutMiNd

    19. "Hot water in a Ziploc bag will defrost your car windshield. Life-changing!"


    20. Never have knotted headphones again with this tying trick:

    @helloviclanda / Via

    21. "I put a fork in my Oreos so they're easier to fully submerge in milk!"


    22. "I put my phone on airplane mode when I'm playing games that don't require Wi-Fi and that way no ads come through."


    23. Store your cheese with ease with this trick to reseal plastic containers:

    @jewlia5 / Via

    24. "Use a basket that fits in the fridge to hold ketchup, mustard, anything you need at the table for dinner. You can take it all out at once and then put it back in together."


    25. "I put my shoelace through the hole of my key and then tie my shoelaces. So when I go running, I don't need to think about my keys!"


    26. Get every last drop out boxed wine with this simple solution:

    @ronda. no .h / Via

    27. Cold hands while eating a personal pint of ice cream? A mug is a perfect fit:

    A pint of ice cream perfectly placed inside a mug
    @kayleecollins96 / Via

    28. "To keep homemade cookies soft, put a piece of bread in the container!"


    29. If you're worried about people peeking through your blinds (or want to make your room darker), try flipping the blinds like in this hack:

    30. "Run the ice cream scooper under hot water before using it and it won't be as difficult to scoop."


    31. This hack makes getting eggs out of the fridge so much easier:

    @alysehill90 / Via

    32. Want to get rid of a pesky sticker? Use this method to remove unwanted adornment:


    #stitch with @thelifebath For those pesky book stickers none of us asked for #booktok #readerproblems #readerstruggles #readersofbooktok #fyp

    ♬ original sound - tj_sanchez

    33. "Line the bottom of your oven with tinfoil so that spills don't burn on and your oven is an easy cleanup."


    34. Never dig through your drawers again by folding your shirts this way:

    A drawer filled with shirts folded facing up so the owner can see all her shirts at once
    @potterforce5 / Via

    35. "Rest a wooden spoon on top of a pot of boiling water to keep it from boiling over."


    36. Get your drains clean with this hack that involves vinegar, baking soda, and boiling water:

    @callumsmart4 / Via

    What are your favorite life hacks you've learned on TikTok? Share in the comments!