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    Quentin Tarantino Revealed Who Jennifer Lawrence Was Almost Cast As In "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood," And It Wasn't Sharon Tate

    "She was interested in doing it, but something didn’t work out."

    Quentin Tarantino is finally addressing those rumors that Jennifer Lawrence was going to be cast in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

    Jennifer poses with Quentin while he holds up an award

    It turns out the rumors were true, but Jennifer wasn't up for the role that everyone thought!

    Jennifer smiles while wearing a black moto leather jacket and layered necklaces

    Quentin just revealed that he did meet up with Jennifer before the film began shooting, but it was for the role of Squeaky Fromme and not Sharon Tate, as most fans assumed.

    "Early on, in the pre-production of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, I flirted around with the idea of...I investigated the idea of Jennifer Lawrence playing Squeaky," Quentin explained on Marc Maron's WTF podcast.

    Jennifer wears a black dress with a plunging neckline

    He continued, "She came down to the house to read the script 'cause I wasn’t letting it out. So, she came down to the house, and I gave her the script and said, ‘Go in my living room or go outside by the pool and read it.’”

    Jennifer and Quentin talk at an event

    Quentin added that Jennifer did read for the role and was interested in the part but "something didn't work out."

    Jennifer wears a silver sequined gown

    The role eventually went to Dakota Fanning, who Quentin says was a perfect fit for the part.

    Dakota wears a pink gown to the movie's premiere

    "I couldn’t be happier with what Dakota Fanning did; it’s one of the best performances in the movie. She’s amazing as Squeaky Fromme. She becomes [her]," Quentin concluded.

    Dakota sits on a reclining chair in a screenshot from the movie

    Listen to all that Quentin had to say here.