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    Pink And Her Daughter Willow Performed At The BBMAs Together, And I'm Honestly In Awe Of How Talented They Are

    This family that does aerial aerobics together, stays together.

    Talent runs in Pink's family — and that was clearly evident during her Billboard Music Awards performance last night!

    Pink poses with her daughter and son on the red carpet

    The singer, who was presented with the Icon Award, performed a medley of her music in honor of the occasion and was joined by a very special person for one of the songs.

    Pink performs a song on stage in a black dress and leather jacket

    While performing her recent original "Cover Me in Sunshine," Pink was accompanied by her 9-year-old daughter, Willow!

    Pink hugs her daughter on stage

    And not only did the duo sing their duet together, but they also performed an INCREDIBLE corde lisse aerial routine!

    Pink helps her daughter swing from a rope suspended from the ceiling

    I mean, look at this:

    Pink and Willow hang horizontally while posing in mid air

    And this:

    Pink and Willow hold onto each other while hanging from the ropes

    And this too:

    Pink and Willow do splits in mid air

    I was honestly completely blown away. This little girl deserves all the high fives.

    Pink gives Willow a high five

    While fans already knew that Willow could sing, this was one of the first times she's shown off her aerial skills.

    "Willow nailed it," Pink said later in the evening — and she was not wrong!

    Watch Pink and Willow's entire performance below.

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