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    Pete Davidson Apparently Thought Phoebe Dynevor's "Naughty" Scenes In "Bridgerton" Were "Hot As Hell," So Make Of That What You Will

    "He felt it was his destiny to meet her.”

    It sounds as if Pete Davidson may have binge-watched Bridgerton before hitting it off with Phoebe Dynevor!

    Pete smiles on a red carpet

    According to friends of the Saturday Night Live star, Pete totally "fell hard" for the show's leading lady while watching the series over the holidays.

    "Pete just loved Bridgerton and just got totally tripped out by Phoebe. She was totally his type: fresh-faced, youthful, innocent-looking beauty," a source told the Mirror.

    Phoebe smiles at an award show

    And, of course, Pete's friends say that he found the show's more risqué scenes "hot as hell."

    "We all joked with him about the naughty scenes, and of course he confessed he found them hot," the source revealed.

    After bingeing the show, Pete reportedly "felt it was his destiny to meet her."

    Pete wears sunglasses and a graphic tee with a suit jacket

    Consider destiny fulfilled, because just a few months later, Pete was spotted with Phoebe for the first time.

    Pete gives a thumbs-up

    And if the recent photos of the duo hanging in London are any indication, it looks as if the new couple are having a lot of fun together!