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    Pete Davidson Shared His Best Relationship Advice, And It's Actually Really Good

    "If I'm into you, I'm really into you."

    Pete Davidson doesn't hold back when he's into someone — and I'm looking at you, Phoebe Dynevor!

    Pete waves while wearing a floral sweater

    Pete, who's reportedly been flying back and forth to the UK to see Phoebe, recently dished on what he thinks is the key to a successful relationship.

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    "If I'm into you, I'm really into you," Pete said in a new interview with The Breakfast Club.

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    Pete added that he's "very, very honest" and believes it's important to lay everything out on the table when he's interested in someone.

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    "I think what a lot of people do is they try to put on — not even their best self — but almost a version of themself that they would like to be. And eventually, that will unravel, you know?" Pete said.

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    He continued, "So, I just, off the top, I'm like, 'Hey, I'm nuts. Here's all my issues. Here's what I do. Here's the therapists. This is what happens.' And that can either be a lot for someone…or they could be like, 'Cool, that was really refreshingly honest.'"

    And when it comes to a successful relationship, Pete says that communication is "really key" and you shouldn't have to wait to text someone.

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    As for long distance, Pete says it's okay to have some space in a relationship amid a busy schedule.

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    "If you trust and love the person, they're doing their thing, whatever, I think as long as you guys keep in touch or can understand each other, I think you'll be fine. That would be my advice," Pete dished.

    While Pete hasn't spoken out directly about his relationship with Phoebe, I can only assume that these are the things that make it work for them!