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Eating In The Olympic Dining Hall Looks Very Different For Athletes This Year

*Spoiler alert* — it involves a lot of hand sanitizer.

Things are looking a little different at the Olympics this year — especially when it comes time to sit down for a meal.

The Olympic rings sit outside the stadium in Tokyo in the middle of a fireworks display

The Olympic dining hall has a very different atmosphere than usual, and it's all to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A empty dining hall features rows of empty tables in a cafeteria setting

The International Olympic Committee and the host city of Tokyo have implemented intense safety protocols to help keep the best athletes in the world healthy when they stop by for a bite to eat.

A view of the food stations with a banner that says Asia

Some of these elite athletes are even giving us an inside look at the experience, which *spoiler alert* involves a lot of hand sanitizer.

A bottle of hand sanitizer in front of a man in a shirt that says Tokyo 2020

Team Australia water polo player Tilly Kearns gave a behind-the-scenes look at the dining hall when she recently documented meal time from start to finish on TikTok:

First, masked-up athletes sanitize their hands:

A foot presses down on a button to dispense hand sanitizer into an open hand

Next, athletes put on a pair of disposable gloves before touching anything inside the dining hall:

A few bags filled with disposable gloves

Then, they can grab a sanitized tray and pick out what they'd like to eat:

Two Team Australia members stand while waiting for their food

Athletes are then seated at tables separated by clear plexiglass dividers and given sanitizing wipes to further clean their dining area:

An athlete wipes her table clean while wearing a glove

Finally, they are permitted to remove their masks and dig in:

A tray filled with food including a salad, watermelon and broccoli

And on the way out? A new mask and more hand sanitizer!

A foot presses down on a button to dispense hand sanitizer into an open hand

And while it may seem like a lot of work just to get fed, there's apparently a TON of options:

Apparently there's way more variety than there was in Rio, according to Team Australia tennis player Luke Saville:

And if you ask Team USA rugby player Ilona Maher, the food is amazing:

And the gyozas? The "best in the world":

Bon appétit, Olympians!