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    This Musician Is Putting A New Spin On "Canon In D" That You Need To Hear Before You Get Married

    From One Direction to emo classics, this guy's got you covered.

    Have you ever thought about walking down the aisle to My Chemical Romance (or maybe even One Direction) but thought your super-judgy mother-in-law wouldn't approve?

    My Chemical Romance / Via

    After all, "Here Comes the Bride" is a little dated, no matter what kind of music you're into.

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    And while making a grand entrance to a full band version of "Welcome to the Black Parade" may be a little harsh for your special day, there's a musician on TikTok who may have just found the perfect solution.

    After joining the app late last year, Australian pianist Stephen Beerkens started sharing his own arrangements of contemporary songs mashed up with the classic wedding song "Pachelbel's Canon." Basically, the best of both worlds.


    Tag someone who’d walk down the aisle to this! ✨ #jonasbrothers #weddingmusic #fyp

    ♬ Jonas Brothers Wedding Mashup - Stephen Beerkens

    "I originally started jamming piano covers of popular TikTok songs but got inspired by an idea I had after playing at my cousin's wedding," Stephen told Buzzfeed.

    He continued, "She walked down the aisle to 'Canon in D' but asked if I could play some of her husband's favorite songs when they exited the ceremony, and afterwards, it hit me that it would have been perfect to combine the two!"

    Stephen's first wedding mashup on TikTok proved to be every grown-up emo kid's dream, taking songs like Fall Out Boy's "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" and, of course, "Welcome to the Black Parade" and making them more than acceptable to walk down the aisle to:


    how man emo tunes can you fit inside a canon in d? answer: never enough! #pachelbelscanon #falloutboy #greenday #mcr #mashup #fyp

    ♬ Canon in D Emo Mashup - Stephen Beerkens

    "It actually came pretty easy to me, fitting the melodies over Pachelbel's chord progression. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of experimentation with voicings and tempo and it all comes together," Stephen explained.

    Stephen's emo mashups even spurred some hilarious parodies as TikTokers imagined their family's reactions to discovering that they sneaked emo songs into their wedding march:


    ITS NOT A PHASE MOM. #wedding #goals #emoanthem #falloutboy #greenday #canon #future #selenanetflix #lgbtqia #WildAnimals #BagelBopsContest

    ♬ Canon in D Emo Mashup - Stephen Beerkens

    As the popularity of the emo wedding mashups grew, Stephen says, there was a huge demand to make mashups for other artists. He obviously obliged, fulfilling the dreams of Harry Styles fans:


    Ngl I’d probably use this at my wedding 😂 #harrystyles #weddingmusic #piano #fyp

    ♬ Harry Styles Wedding Mashup - Stephen Beerkens

    And Taylor Swift fans:


    Seeing as you guys have been digging the wedding mashups, here’s one for the Swifties! 🎶 #taylorswift #evermore

    ♬ original sound - Stephen Beerkens

    And One Direction fans, which even captured the attention of Liam Payne's fiancé, Maya Henry:

    Maya leaves a comment of a shocked emoji
    TikTok / Via

    The people have spoken!! 😉 #canonin1d #onedirection

    ♬ One direction wedding mashup - Stephen Beerkens

    Stephen says that after he hit a million views on his One Direction video, requests began rolling in for him to create and record custom mashups for couples getting ready to walk down the aisle:

    TikTok users asking Stephen if they can play his song at their wedding

    "I think it's an awesome way to make a wedding more unique and is a great alternative to having musicians in real life during a time when weddings are trying to be COVID safe," Stephen noted.

    Stephen plays piano with a mask on
    Stephen Beerkens

    You can watch all of Stephen's videos on his TikTok!