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    Meghan Trainor Says She Accidentally Had A Major Parenting Fail Every Time She Took Her Son For A Walk

    "I was boiling my son on my morning walks!"

    Meghan Trainor has been thriving in her role as a new mom, but she admits that she's made a few mistakes.

    Meghan poses while attending an event
    David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Images for Universal Music & Soho House

    The musician, who welcomed her son, Riley, in February, revealed that her biggest parenting fail had to do with her morning walks with the little boy.

    While getting some fresh air may sound like a good idea, the extra sunlight actually wasn't the best choice for Riley.

    "We would take him on these walks out here in California, and I would come home and he would have these little red bumps all over him," Meghan said during the "Mom Confessions" segment of The Ellen Show.

    She continued, "And I sent pictures to my pediatrician after like the third day in a row, and I was like, 'What's going on? Can I rub cream on him? I don't know what this is.'"

    It turns out that little Riley was experiencing a heat rash due to the morning sunshine.

    "He said, 'Oh, it's a heat rash.' So, I was boiling my son on my morning walks. So...don't do that," Meghan advised.

    And while that mishap may have been concerning for a new parent, Meghan says everything else about parenting has been a dream.

    Hear all that Meghan had to say below.

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