Megan Fox Just Debuted Her Brand-New Red Hair, And She Looks Incredible

    "Coming back from the underworld, what would you look like?"

    Megan Fox is ready for some change amid all the drama surrounding her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly.

    A close-up of Megan and MGK

    Over the past month, Megan and MGK have faced a lot of rumors — from breakup speculation to cheating allegations.

    A close-up of Megan and MGK

    It all started when Megan captioned an Instagram photo with suspicious lyrics and then wiped her account of all things MGK.

    A close-up of Megan in a satiny corset-type outfit and opera gloves

    Since then, Megan has apparently removed her spike-embedded engagement ring and has been spotted with MGK while leaving a marriage counseling office.

    A close-up of Megan and MGK standing together

    And after a brief Instagram hiatus, Megan returned to her account to deny the cheating rumors — but it's clear the couple are still going through it.

    A close-up of Megan and MGK with their arms around each other's waist

    And what's the best thing to do when your relationship is on the rocks? Dye your hair, of course!

    A close-up of Megan

    Over the weekend, Megan stepped out with a brand-new look at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, and it was absolutely stunning.

    Megan has red locks and is wearing a low-cut black dress with a diamond necklace

    She showed off her new fiery-red locks while posing with friends at the event, where MGK was notably not by her side — and her engagement ring was not on her finger.

    Megan poses with a male friend at the event

    In a press release, Megan's hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos shared that the inspiration for her locks was The Little Mermaid — but Megan says she had something a little darker in mind.

    "Coming back from the underworld, what would you look like?" she explained in a Vanity Fair video. "If all the fire and brimstone from hell was in your hair and you were the queen of the underworld, what would you look like walking the red carpet?"

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    Vanity Fair / Via

    I don't know about you, but that honestly sounds like one giant metaphor for all that's happening in Megan's life right now.

    Megan poses next to Billie Eilish

    Megan hasn't officially clarified what's going on with MGK just do with that statement what you will!