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    Megan Fox's Children Crashed Her "Today" Interview, And It Was Too Adorable

    "We just have to make it work!"

    Megan Fox's latest interview got crashed by some very special people — and it wasn't Machine Gun Kelly!

    Megan smiles while wearing a pink silk corset top
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    While speaking with the Today show, Megan's three children made surprise guest appearances while she discussed her upcoming movie 'Til Death.

    Megan laughs and covers her face during the interview
    NBC / Today / Via

    The boys — Noah, 8, Bodhi, 7, and Journey, 4 — all popped up in the background after waking up on the couch.

    "I'm in the house that we’re staying in for right now. This is the living room area, and they all fell asleep on the couch last night watching a movie," Megan explained.

    Megan smiles while a child crawls by in the background
    NBC / Today / Via

    She continued, "I have three boys. They are hilarious. They don't listen to me at all."

    Megan didn't really seem to mind her special guests in the background, adding, "It is what it is! We just have to make it work!"

    Megan smiles while a child crawls by in the background
    NBC / Today / Via

    She also reminisced on the boys' younger years, sharing that she wishes she could go back in time for just a moment.

    "I actually really struggle with that a lot. I cry about it all the time. My phone will send me pictures of them when they were younger, and it’s hard to look at. It’s painful to love something so much," Megan explained.

    "I feel like no matter how engaged you are or how hard you were trying at the time, you always look back, and you’re like, 'I could have been more present,'" Megan concluded.

    Thankfully, Megan will have this fun memory captured on camera to look back on! You can watch her entire interview here.

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