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    11 Male Actors Who Went Full Frontal For Their Roles And A Lot Of Them Were Totally Nonchalant About The Whole Thing

    "I strolled onto set, nothing on, and started that particular soliloquy."

    Filming hot and steamy scenes for movies is a pretty common occurrence, but it's a whole different story when it comes to male actors actually baring it all on camera.

    That's why when an actor does agree to go full-frontal onscreen, it makes headlines — but if you ask them about it, a lot of them are pretty nonchalant about the whole thing!

    Here's what these stars had to say about baring it all:

    1. Jesse Williams – Take Me Out

    A closeup of Jesse

    2. Chris Pine — Outlaw King

    A closeup of Chris

    3. Ben Affleck — Gone Girl

    A closeup of Ben

    4. Ewan McGregor — Multiple Films

    A closeup of Ewan

    5. Tom Cruise — All The Right Moves

    A closeup of Tom

    6. Michael Fassbender — Shame

    A closeup of Michael

    7. Jude Law — Dom Hemingway

    A closeup of Jude

    8. Kevin Bacon — Wild Things

    A closeup of Kevin

    9. Jason Segel — Forgetting Sarah Marshall

    A closeup of Jason

    10. Richard Gere — American Gigolo

    A closeup of Richard

    11. James McAvoy — The Last King of Scotland

    A closeup of James