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    Lorde Is About To Make Her Big Comeback, And We've Got The Single Artwork And Everything

    "Patience is a virtue."

    Lorde is officially BACK!!!

    Lorde dances in a white outfit onstage
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    After four years of anticipation, the singer-songwriter is finally ready to release new music, starting with a single titled "Solar Power."

    Lorde sings while wearing a black T-shirt crop top
    Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

    The upcoming release was confirmed on Lorde's official website, including the track's cheeky album artwork.

    Lorde's single artwork which is a photo of a woman running on a beach on bikini shot from underneath her as she passes the camera
    Lorde / Via

    Lorde's longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff also slyly confirmed his involvement by sharing the artwork to his Instagram.

    Although it's unclear exactly when the song will be released, Lorde's website included the phrase "Arriving in 2021...patience is a virtue."

    Lorde smiles in a red tulle dress
    Lester Cohen / Getty Images for NARAS

    Last year, Lorde addressed the lengthy time between her releases, explaining in a letter to fans that high-quality work takes time.

    The new music announcement comes just a week after several Lorde songs were reportedly leaked.

    Lorde sings on stage in a matching embellished long sleeve top and pants
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    And while I don't condone leaking, I do hope it means that new music is coming soon!