Lauren Conrad And Kristin Cavallari Just Hashed Out Their Decade Old Drama From "Laguna Beach"

    "It was, for me, like the most embarrassing moment. I was like, 'Oh, gross.'"

    Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari are putting their Laguna Beach drama behind them, over a decade after the show wrapped.

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    In fact, the former costars admit that any "beef" between them was "done" way before cameras started rolling — but MTV decided to play up the drama.

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    "We got into it and then made up. I mean, I don't think we were best friends. But we were like, 'It's fine,'" Lauren said during an appearance on Kristin's podcast Back to the Beach.

    She continued, "You and I really never had any beef. Obviously, there was a little truth to what happened. I felt like MTV coming kept it alive and made it way worse than it ever would have been."

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    And while Lauren says the drama wasn't as bad as the cameras made it seem, she says she does have one major regret from everything that went down.

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    "My biggest regret, watching it, [was] I called you a slut. I'm so sorry," Lauren said, referring to an incident with Kristin during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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    Lauren added, "I couldn't believe I did that. Because I think where I'm at now I would never call another woman that. And it was, for me, like the most embarrassing moment. I was like, 'Oh, gross.'"

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    Meanwhile, Kristin admitted that she also said "some really dumb stuff" that required an apology to Lauren.

    "I look back and that's, like, my biggest thing," Kristin said. "When I watch it now, I wasn't confident at all. I was actually so insecure."

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    "I took it out [my insecurities] on you in a lot of ways. And so, I am sorry for that because I said some horrible things," she added.

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    With the drama of the past behind them, it sounds like Kristin and Lauren are now on good terms — and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for more podcast appearances from Lauren!

    You can listen to all that Lauren and Kristin had to say below.

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